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Welcome Friends of Coggeshall Farm!,

This 'Blog' is the 2nd attempt at getting
an operational, informative and interactive 'site'
for Board Members, Members, Volunteers and
Friends of the Coggeshall Farm.

The site I put together last year was fashioned using a very cumbersome and counter-intuitive
software that made fast updating a distant dream.

It was probably a blessing in disguise then that
a major computer crash and shortage of time left
that site in a state of dis-use. My thinking had been that since it was cheap and 'basic' to use
we could all take turns maintaining it since we are
almost a completely volunteer organization.
The opposite ended up being the case because it was in a word, 'wanky' to use and caused me more frustration that it remedied.

Hopefully this will be a better solution (for all of us
upon whom the Farms continued success depends).

Lauren Lake

Coggeshall Farm Museum